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Hello, darlings!

As most of you know, Mod Tooth and I have been extremely busy these past few weeks, and unfortunetly, things have been pretty slow here at IDRP.

So after discussing the matter, we’ve decided that it’d be best for us to welcome a new mod onboard to help us not only keep this blog running, but to help with accepting auditions and whatnot.


On that note, if you’re interested in applying for the spot, all we ask of you is to provide us with

  • Your name
  • Muse (s) you RP as
  • Timezone/How often you’ll be able to get on
  • What do you have to offer, and why should we pick you? What’re you willing to put forth onto the table? Any ideas for future group activities, or any ideas in general?

We’re accepting apps starting today, and we can’t wait to find the perfect new mod to welcome into the ever-growing IDRP family~!


- Mod North

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magic-and-mortals wondered:

(I LOVE your theme! how'd u get it!)

[ From here ]

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I’m sorry that I couldn’t get to you.
Anywhere I would’ve followed you.
Say something, I’m giving up on you.

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♔— A new independent RP blog for book!verse Ella from Ella Enchanted

♔—  OC, AU and crossover friendly

♔—  2+ years of roleplay experience

♔— Multiship

♔— Will write in paras, one-liners, ect

I’m currently looking for RP partners/people that Ella could potentially interact with. If you could reblog or like this so that I can check you out, that’d be greatly appreciated~!

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baby-tooth-on-redbull wondered:

On Christmas Eve, are you Russian? Russian around to get them presents delivered?



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ask-sassy-jack-frost wondered:

Not be proud of being on the naughty list? I mean! You have to know I somehow live for it! *smirk* Its my image!


"But I think there is much more to your image than just naughty list, Jack.”

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Do you know what greyhounds DO to rabbits?

I think it’s a pretty safe bet he’s never met a rabbit like me.

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Rainbow Snowcone weeks starts TODAY!

remember to tag #rainbow snowcone #frostymacaron

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♦ — 2+ years roleplay experience

♦ — Multi-ship/verse

♦ — Open to AUs and OCs

♦ — Willing to do both paras, one-liners, ect

♦ — Will RP with other fandoms

My dash isn’t as active as I’d like it to be, so I’m currently reaching out for more people to follow and interact with. If you could reblog/like this post so that I can check you out, or if you could just spread the word, I’d greatly appreciate it~!

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* ~
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not-so-evil-overlord wondered:

"Hm, I just realized that perhaps I shouldn't have talked about being evil to the guy who knows about every naughty and nice person in the world..." Meg eyed the tattoos on his arms, the NAUGHTY one in particular. "So, I've decided that, uh, I'm a good guy now." As if it were that easy. He extended his long-fingered hand for a handshake and looked up to the tall man. He took a step forward and whispered loudly, "I always knew you were real! Always believed, no matter what they said in prison."

"Perhaps indeed." North folded his arms across his chest and peered at the stranger in front of him, observing his every move. His eyes followed the stranger’s to his tattoos, which caused the elder guardians to chuckle to himself. "I see you are conflicted as to what list you think you are on, eh? Well.”

North shook his head. “Is not that easy to avoid what has been done, you know. If that were case, I’d have Jack Frost and others off naughty list years ago. But, most are willing to change and I for one, am completely open to that.”

He studied the blue-skinned visitor once again and with a small sigh, accepted his outstretched hand. “Is that promise you are willing to take? Believer or not, you know consequences of naughty list, yes?”

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Random Rise of the Guardians Screenshots: Jack Frost {75/?}